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Date: 02-04-16

Hua Hong shipped more than 720 million java smartcard chips in 2015

China-based semiconductor chip foundry Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited announced that it has shipped more than 720 million Java smart card chips in 2015, a significant 27% growth compared to 2014's 565 million shipment. The reason for such growth according to the company is "massive deployment of Java IC cards featuring high security, compatibility and scalability in mobile telecom applications and increasing recognition of the technology from multiple well-known local and international fabless chip design houses in the industry". Hua Hong Semiconductors uses 0.13μm and 0.11μm embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) technology process for manufacturing these chips. Mr. Fan Heng, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor said: "Leveraging our proven track record and expertise in eNVM platform, Hua Hong Semiconductor not only empowers customers’ progress and enables high reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness of their products, but also achieves outstanding performance and demonstrates exceptional competitiveness in the IC card chip markets."

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