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Date: 20-10-15

Cobham says its commercial Mixed-Signal ASIC growth is strong for 2015

Cobham has announced that their Advanced Electronic Solutions' Colorado-based mixed-signal commercial Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) sales continue to be a strong growth area in 2015.

Customers range from medical electronics to a wide range of industrial applications. Strong customer demand demonstrates Cobham's excellence in designing and manufacturing high-performance, high-reliability integrated circuits (ICs), as well as advanced packaging and testing capabilities to leverage its unique intellectual property (IP) into diverse and highly price competitive markets.

"I am extremely pleased with our team's performance and success in leveraging our IP to help continue to grow and drive our business into new markets," said Rafi Albarian, Sr. Vice-President, Cobham Semiconductor Solutions. "This growth is a testament to the value of Cobham IP and our world class engineering team. We will continue to leverage this technology to grow our product portfolio and expand our addressable markets."

Customers are teaming with Cobham as a partner for their critical high performance IC needs. Cobham's critical design expertise is demonstrated in sensor readout ICs with 100s of channels of low noise, low power and highly linear amplifier and converter blocks integrated using 0.18um CMOS processes and state-of-the-art custom packaging solutions. This approach satisfies customer demands for value creation at competitive prices.

Visit www.cobham.com/ASICs to review product datasheets.

News Source: Cobham Semiconductor Solutions

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