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Date: 09-09-15

OnePlus 2 phone takes better images due to gyro and proximity sensors

The new smart phone model OnePlus 2 uses ultra-fast focus time and optical anti-shake technology to improve the picture quality clicked by its cameras. It is possible due to the use of advanced motion and proximity sensors in OnePlus 2.

OnePlus 2 is powered by the mems-based STMicroelectronics' sensors achieving ultra-fast 0.2s “human-eye” -grade focus time and advanced optical anti-shake technology resulting in 20% improvement in effective image resolution and 55% reduction in power consumption compared with standard optical anti-shake mobile-camera systems.

ST’s L2G2IS gyroscope mems sensor helps in optical image stabilization (OIS). The two-axis MEMS gyro integrates a special sensing element that provides the measured angular rate to the camera through a digital interface. Whereas the distance between the smartphone and the object is measured using ST’s VL6180 proximity sensor enhancing camera’s auto-focus performance in the OnePlus 2. VL6180 uses ST’s innovative FlightSense optical-sensing technology to accelerate auto-focus time and improve picture quality, especially in macro mode and low-ambient-light environments.

Enabling the 360-degree camera feature and improving gesture control and mobile-gaming experience for OnePlus 2 users, ST also provides a sensor system-in-package (LSM330) consisting of a 3D digital accelerometer with two programmable embedded state machines and a 3D digital gyroscope. The sensor combo has a selectable full-scale acceleration range up to ±16 g and an angular-rate range up to ±2000 dps.

“The increasing penetration of advanced sensor-based features in smartphones at all price points drives the demand for MEMS and Sensor devices in fast-developing markets, like China’s,” said Collins Wu, Director of Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group, Greater China and South Asia Region, STMicroelectronics.

“Successful cooperation with innovative local smartphone makers like OnePlus confirms the strengths of ST’s IoT portfolio and our enabling role in bringing augmented mobile experiences to users worldwide.”

“Working with innovative and technology-driven global players such as ST, the world’s leading supplier of MEMS and Time-of-Flight ranging sensors for consumer and mobile applications, has enabled us to deliver a high-performance smartphone that satisfies the expectations of OnePlus customers worldwide,” said Oliver Zhang, Product Director of OnePlus.

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