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  Date: 06/09/2015

IBM cloud and ARM's chips connected to form a unified system of systems

ARM Cortex processor-based chips are leading in the market compared to other proprietary processor cores in the IOT applications space. There are lot of microcontroller vendors and also SOC chip vendors designing IOT specific Ics using ARM Cortex processor cores. ARM is helping IOT developers with a software/operating system platform called 'mbed'. While this is about the edge node, what is really required in a IOT environment is, a powerful cloud computing platform to process the data coming from multiple IOT nodes. Now ARM Cortex based product developers can have one of the best cloud systems from IBM.

IBM has expanded its Internet of Things (IoT) platform called IBM IoT Foundation to provide out of the box connectivity with ARM mbed-enabled devices to analytics services. Cloud and node integrated platform provides secured connectivity from chip to cloud and unifies the IoT Device with IBM's cloud. The bigger picture looks like a system of systems created for smart world.

This fusion will allow huge quantities of data from devices such as industrial appliances, weather sensors and wearable monitoring devices to be gathered, analyzed and acted upon.

There is one industry specific service available immediately for IBM for electronics manufacturers, where the data from multiple sensors integrated with IOT is gathered and analysed in real-time. The real-time analytics generates actionable command, if any fault is detected or any attention required by a machine in the manufacturing process.

IBM IoT Foundation which includes IBM Bluemix Cloud computing services offers software platform to handle big data like analytics. On the security aspect, IBM says "Security systems capable of helping organizations protect IoT data as rigorously as they do their own confidential financial, IP and strategy information." IBM Internet of Things Foundation is a IT platform defined as "Where you can connect, setup and manage your devices (IoT)"

ARM mbed based systems automatically register with the IBM IoT Foundation, and connect with IBM analytics services.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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