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Date: 04-09-15

MightyWorks audio tech ported into Cadence Tensilica HiFi DSPs

MightyWorks has ported its single-microphone and multi-microphone processing technologies to the Cadence Tensilica HiFi digital signal processors (DSPs).

MightyWorks’ AudioZoom technology captures the sound from the desired direction and cuts interfering sounds. The Clear Call and SRE (Speech Recognition Enhancer) technologies from MightyWorks improves audio signal quality in voice calls, e-calls and speech recognition in automotive environments.

“Our goal is to provide a solution that improves speech recognition rates in noisy backgrounds and far-field conditions,” said Edward Shin, CEO, MightyWorks. “Our technology supports handheld, hands-free and automotive environments, and provides voice tracking, which can identify the direction of the speaker, leading to an overall better audio experience for users.”

“Our customers are always looking for new innovations that can improve the quality of their audio and voice applications,” said Larry Przywara, group director of audio/voice IP marketing, Cadence. “MightyWorks’ proven audio and voice technologies provide a valuable addition to our growing audio/voice/speech software partner ecosystem, offering advanced features including its Speech Recognition Enhancer, which combines beamforming, noise suppression and speech feature restoring.”

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