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Date: 17-08-15

USB Type-C device makers can now get their products SlimPort certified

USB Type-C device manufacturer can now get their devices SlimPort certified to ensure that their devices work with the USB-C accessories available in the market such as Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter and the Google USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter. Analogix Semiconductor and Granite River Labs (GRL) have expanded the SlimPort Adopters Program (SAP) to include the USB Type-C connector.

SlimPort certification includes signal quality pre-test for DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA, interoperability testing to confirm the maximum display resolution with devices available in the market, and functional testing of power, data, audio and video transfer.

DisplayPort Alternate Mode is gaining importance after it is first adopted by the 12-inch Apple MacBook and the Google Pixel 2 Chromebook and also Microsoft has recommended in their New Guidelines for USB for Windows 10. This certification is required for accessory makers to ensure their accessories work with the many video source devices including smartphones, tablets and notebook computers which feature a USB-C connector supporting DisplayPort Alternate Mode.

Device makers can get their products tested at Analogix EasyHD Lab in Beijing and at Granite River Labs with testing facilities in the US, Taiwan, Japan and India.

If you'd like to know what exactly is the SlimPort, it is defined as "SlimPort is a mobile device feature that allows you to connect your cellphone, tablet or notebook PC to any display using a SlimPort VGA or HDMI adapter. SlimPort provides up to 4K Ultra-HD high-resolution content playback on any HDTV, monitor or projector for an unrivalled experience that’s perfect for movies, sports, video games and work – unlocking the full power of your mobile device"

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