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Date: 07-08-15

In the slowing PC market, Apple loses to Lenovo

In the slowing PC market, which is estimated by Market researcher Canalys, a drop of 12 percent annually, Lenovo looks to be lesser loser compared Apple. Canalys reported Lenovo shipping 16 million PCs, 240,000 more PCs compared to what Apple has shipped in second quarter of 2015. Lenovo now estimated to hold 15% market share in the PC market world over. In this case of study, PC includes also tablet computers. The tablet-computer sales is a key factor in this change of market ranking.

HP and Dell holds the third and fourth rank in the PC market followed by Samsung in the fifth position.

Lenovo is number one in China with 30% market share and is also increasing its US share steadily. whereas Apple is number one in US. iPads represented 70% of Apple’s total PC shipments in Q2, and these shipments have been falling year on year since peaking in Q4 2013, finds Canalys.

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