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Date: 02-08-15

AMS acquires CMOS sensor business of NXP

Austria based ams AG has acquired the CMOS Sensor Business from NXP Semiconductors. With this acquisition ams AG aim to offer CMOS sensors measuring several environmental variables such as relative humidity, pressure and temperature in one sensor device, which can be used in applications such as smart phones, wearables, and other mobile devices and also in smart buildings and the industrial, medical and automotive markets.

“Environmental sensors can replicate and enhance human responses by monitoring and measuring smell, pressure and temperature. By capturing this information electronically, data-driven decisions can be made automatically and efficiently,” said Thomas Riener, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Strategy at ams. “The acquisition of NXP’s CMOS Sensor Business expands our existing environmental sensor technologies and is a synergistic addition to our chemical sensor capabilities and smart lighting solutions. This portfolio makes ams the one-stop shop for environmental sensors.”

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