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Date: 02-08-15

ARM buys security VLSI IP expert Sansa Security

VLSI IP vendor ARM has announced the acquisition of Israel-based Sansa Security, a company offering security related IP and software for VLSI chip design more specifically for IOT and mobile devices.

"Any connected device could be a target for a malicious attack so we must embed security at every potential attack point," said Mike Muller, CTO, ARM. "Protection against hackers works best when it is multi-layered, so we are extending our security technology capability into hardware subsystems and trusted software. This means our partners will be able to license a comprehensive security suite from a single source."

Sansa Security technology help in designing hardware subsystem that adds additional isolation of security operations from the main application processor. Sansa Security's software components operate on top of trusted execution environments to perform security-sensitive operations.

"Our technology is already being used to protect data gathered and transmitted by a multitude of IoT and mobile devices," said Coby Sella, CEO, Sansa Security. "Joining ARM will enable us to scale the business by helping ARM's global technology partners to address their most pressing security needs. Aligning what we do with the world's leading IP company, allows us to develop our products and capability to new levels."

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