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Date: 29-07-15

Windows 10; first better OS after Windows XP

The latest operating system Windows 10 from Microsoft is not disappointing at the least. There is also no great excitement when it comes to the features offered in this new OS. It is more of a me-too kind of features compared to what you see in Android and Apple iOS. But when you talk about the usage-facts, windows is an extremely dominating operating system in desktop and notebook computers. With the launch of Windows 10, there is very less risk of Microsoft losing any big chunk of market share to other OSs including Linux. When it comes to personal computing, open-source/free Linux is slowly losing its share, where as the market share of chrome OS and Apple's OS is increasing slowly.

Finally let's really talk about how it impacts electronics hardware market. Microsoft is protecting the interests of its users rather than the IT hardware and electronics OEMs. It has allowed Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free of cost. And Microsoft has designed Windows 10 in such a way that it works with older PC hardware with some limited memory size. At least it doesn't put pressure on PC users to compulsorily buy new notebook or motherboard. This is really appreciable.

When you have the real benefit of touch interface display and voice and gesture interface in your personal computers, there is a tendency of buying PC hardware which really works and responds faster with Windows 10. That is one thing which can drive PC market to some single digit growth. Now it is up to the PC and notebook manufacturers including microprocessor vendors in offering advanced human-interface embedded notebooks, which can leverage the power of Windows 10. Particularly the voice input requires higher computing efficiency which the present notebook computer hardware may not support that well.

If you talk about privacy related features. The PC user taken for a ride so that they have very limited scope to protect any privacy information. Well this is not only with Windows, take any operating system, privacy is a concern world over. So in that sense if you are a linux user, there is no hurry to move into Windows OS.

So overall the Windows 10 effect on PC market is going to be: moving the PC market growth from downward curve to little upward.

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