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Date: 14-07-15

Cutting Neon gas consumption in ArF and KrF light sources used in chip manufacturing

ASM Lithography owned EUL light source maker Cymer has announced a neon gas reduction program for the installed base of argon fluoride (ArF) and krypton fluoride (KrF) light sources used in semiconductor lithography equipment.

"The program includes new light source software to reduce neon consumption across the installed base of light sources, rapid qualification of new gas suppliers, and a light source upgrade to enable reclaim of used neon, allowing gas suppliers to reuse existing neon and further reduce the need for additional supplies. The neon gas reduction program has been put in place by Cymer to reduce dependence on neon, a key gas for operation of the light source, and to insulate our customers from fluctuations of neon supply." stated in the release by company.

"Chipmakers are concerned about recent escalation of neon prices and supply continuity," said David Knowles, Vice President and General Manager of Cymer Light Source. "We have worked in close cooperation with our customers on an aggressive program to develop, qualify and introduce improvements for the installed base of ArF and KrF light sources that enable significant reductions in neon consumption while ensuring system performance."

The neon reduction program is currently underway with Cymer's customers participating in its customer support program called OnPulse.

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