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Date: 10-07-15

TrendForce: Monitor shipment to decline by 4.8% and notebooks by 6.4% in 2015

WitsView, a division of TrendForce has revised its monitor forecast from growth to shrink of 1~2% quarterly in the second quarter of 2015 reaching 30.1M units shipped.

WitsView’s Research Manager Anita Wang finds the base period for the second quarter shipments is relatively short, which according to her spur monitor vendors to work harder to reach their annual shipment targets and spur stock-up demands in the channels. Due to which the third quarter shipments are forecasted by WitsView to see a growth of 5~7% with 31.9M units shipped. However it's finally a decline of 4.8% year-on-year, as per WitsView.

WitsView has also revised the estimated shipments of notebooks for the second quarter downward from a quarterly growth of 8~9% to 2~4%, arriving at 39.5M units shipped. WitsView also finds the notebook market like the monitor market is badly affected by the depreciation of the euro and the emerging markets’ currencies.

With the notebook shipments performing below expectation in the second quarter, WitsView estimates the quarterly growth in the third quarter will reach 7~9%, down from the original projection of 12~13%. WitsView projected year-on-year decline for the period, from the original 0.2% to the revised 6.4%. As for the expected notebook shipment volume, about 42.9M units will be shipped in third quarter.

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