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Date: 10-07-15

Ikegami uses Semtech’s HD-VLC for HD video transmission inside trains

In collaboration with the Central Japan Railway Co., Ltd. Ikegami equipped the JR Tokai Shinkansen line station platforms with HD vertical monitoring systems to improve customer safety and peace of mind. These HD vertical monitoring systems use Semtech’s HD-VLC technology to achieve long-distance transmission of HD video (up to 300m) and full HD image quality provided by the ISD-220HD “broadcast quality” cameras. The HD video is displayed portrait (9:16) to increase the visibility and coverage of the platform in crystal-clear high definition.

“By integrating Semtech’s HD-VLC technology into our products, we are able to deliver the highest quality HD video monitoring solutions, consistent with our philosophy,” said Mr. Masaaki Tabuse, General Manager, Security Solution Business Unit of Ikegami. “Large scale video monitoring installations for railway platforms can take advantage of the extended cable reach transmission that our HD-VLC-based products enable.”

Semtech developed HD-VLC specifically to allow both 720p and 1080p high-definition video to be transmitted at lower data rates over conventional CCTV coaxial cables. By using Semtech’s cable equalizer and CDR technology, Semtech says cable distances can be extended up to four times the reach of existing HD-SDI based products.

“We are very pleased to be at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly expanding HD surveillance market space and to enable Ikegami’s products to reach new levels of quality and performance,” said Gary Beauchamp, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Semtech’s Signal Integrity Product Group. “Semtech continues to be the technology leader in all digital, long-distance HD video transmission for surveillance.”

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