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Date: 07-07-15

VOC-tech allows using single co-axial cable to connect four IP cameras

MegaChips has developed a video over coaxial cable technology called VoC (Video over Coax) to connect four video cameras using a single coaxial cable, particularly in the case of security surveillance systems where cable laying is a expensive and also time-consuming.

MegaChips has integrated its VoC technology into the Xingtera Ethernet to Coax Converter (4*RJ45/1*BNC), allowing it to directly connect four IP cameras within a 100m radius to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) or Monitor over a singel coax cable.

“With the increase of security camera installations worldwide, the support of multiple HD cameras on a single cable is very important,” said Koichi Akeyama, president of MegaChips Technology America Corporation. “In conjunction with Xingtera, we offer this capability as a more efficient way to transition from analog to IP cameras reusing existing coax cable.”

David Chin, VP of marketing at Xingtera, said, “As the security and surveillance industry moves from analog to digital video, customers are seeking cost-effective ways to add more cameras that don’t require running more cables. Through our partnership with MegaChips, we let them more easily add multiple cameras at the end of a coax cable by using the Xingtera Ethernet to Coax Converter (4*RJ45/1*BNC).”

Xingtera Ethernet to Coax Converter (4*RJ45/1*BNC), / VoC highlights as provided by the MegaChips:
High speed OFDM signal transmit on Coaxial cable
Ethernet ports for up to four cameras
Maximum transmission distance of 3Km(@30Mbps)
Maximum throughput of 92Mbps(

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