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Date: 02-07-15

Globalfoundries completes acquisition of IBM semiconductor business

Globalfoundries said it has completed the acquisition of IBM's semiconductor business. IBM's semiconductor business sold to Globalfoundries, includes IBM's semiconductor foundries/fabs and the related technology. However IBM continue to focus on fundamental research in the material science related to semiconductor technology.

Globalfoundries gains the tip of the latest technology in chip making with addition of more than 16,000 patents and applications which makes Globalfoundries, a one of the largest semiconductor patent portfolio holder in the world. Globalfoundries faces lesser hurdles now in its path towards 10nm, and 7nm.

Technologies such as IBM's RF silicon-on-insulator (RFSOI) and high-performance silicon-germanium (SiGe) technologies is complementary to Globalfoundries’ existing mainstream chip making tech. In ASICs, Globalfoundries leverages IBM's resources to develop additional ASIC solutions in areas of storage, printers and networking. The most recent ASIC family, announced in January and built on Globalfoundries’ 14nm-LPP technology, has been well accepted in the marketplace with several design wins, says Globalfoundries.

Globalfoundries also said it will increase its manufacturing scale with fabs in East Fishkill, NY and Essex Junction, VT.

According to the agreement, Globalfoundries has to ensure long-term supply of semiconductors for IBM systems.

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