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Date: 04-06-15

5X faster synthesis of PowerVR GPU by using cadence' Genus

Cadence said using its Genus Synthesis Solution, PowerVR GE7800 GPU synthesis was achieved with 5X improvement in turnaround time with no impact on power, performance or area (PPA). The flat full graphics processor was synthesised overnight by eliminating manual partitioning effort and avoiding poor timing optimization on cross-partition boundary paths and using distributed processing by running synthesis on multiple machines and CPUs. Intelligent resource management to ensure that no machine becomes a turnaround time bottleneck, thereby allowing turnaround times to scale linearly well beyond 10 million instances without any impact on PPA.

“At Imagination, we regard the ability to perform rapid synthesis as a key enabler for our customers to better explore the design space and achieve the best PPA within ever-shrinking tapeout schedules,” said Tony King-Smith, executive vice president of marketing at Imagination. “By working closely with Cadence, we can ensure that our mutual customers benefit fully from using the Genus Synthesis Solution on our IP core families. The Genus Synthesis Solution is showing encouraging improvements in turnaround time and PPA in comparative trials with other synthesis tools. Post-synthesis area and timing correlate well through place and route in the Cadence Innovus Implementation System.”

“Graphics cores push the limits of synthesis tools for capacity and PPA,” said Dr. Anirudh Devgan, senior vice president and general manager of the Digital and Signoff Group at Cadence. “This collaboration with Imagination Technologies ensures our mutual customers can benefit fully from the dramatic improvement in synthesis throughput offered by the Genus Synthesis Solution.”

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