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Date: 03-06-15

RS Components shipping FTDI’s latest USB3.0-to-FIFO

RS Components said it is now shipping FTDI’s latest USB3.0-to-FIFO solutions, including ICs and development boards, for projects that demand SuperSpeed data transfer.

The FT600Q and FT601Q USB-to-FIFO bridge Ics target applications such as multi-function printers, high-speed/high-resolution video cameras, medical and industrial imaging systems, still image cameras, high-definition displays, surveillance systems and scanners. Data-acquisition systems can use the devices to take advantage of USB3.0 as an alternative to Ethernet for high-speed, high-volume data transfers.

"Designers can choose the FT600Q with 16-bit FIFO interface in a low pin-count 56-pin QFN package, or the FT601Q with 32-bit interface in 76-pin QFN. Both devices can have up to eight endpoints, and support simple 245 FIFO interfacing or multi-channel FIFO mode for data bursting rates of up to 3.2Gbit/s. Other features include configurable GPIOs, multi-voltage 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V I/O, and 100MHz or optional 66.7MHz FIFO clock. In addition, Link Power Management (LPM), remote-wakeup signalling, and battery charger detection help maximise mobile battery life." suggests RS.

Four development boards are made available now to connect to a companion FPGA board. Engineers can choose ANSI/VITA FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) or Altera HSMC (High-Speed Mezzanine Card) connectors, with either the FT600Q or FT601Q IC to select a target device and development platform from their preferred FPGA vendor. The boards can be configured to accept power from the USB VBUS, the FIFO master board, or an external DC adapter. Windows drivers for the new ICs are also made available immediately, with Linux and MAC support to be added soon.

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