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Date: 29-05-15

Synopsys to acquire Quotium's IAST Product, Seeker

Synopsys has signed a definitive agreement to acquire certain assets of Quotium , including the Quotium Seeker product and R&D team.

Synopsys said "The additional talent, technology and products will expand Synopsys' presence in the application security market by extending the Coverity platform with interactive application security testing (IAST) functionality. Seeker complements the Coverity platform's static analysis technology by testing and analyzing applications in run-time, providing customers with a broader solution to detect and remediate security vulnerabilities and better protect business data from application attacks."

"We've seen how the Coverity platform finds security defects in the developer workflow and believe Seeker can augment that process into further stages of the agile software development lifecycle," said Ofer Maor, co-founder and CTO of Quotium. "We're looking forward to being part of Synopsys and better helping organizations resolve security issues across the software development lifecycle."

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