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Date: 21-05-15

Wearable band market grew over 150% first quarter of 2015, finds Canalys

Market researcher Canalys reported the wearable band market grew over 150% as more than 7 million units were shipped in the first quarter of 2015. Android Wear represented 31% of smart watch shipments, as per Canalys.

Canalys ranked Fitbit as top vendor which saw a major year-on-year volume growth, whereas the product Mi Band from China-based Xiaomi ranked second. Garmin is also reported by Canalys to had a strong quarter and rolled out two new products in its vívo line.

Canalys said 20 million Apple Watches will be shipped in 2015. “Despite the Apple Watch requiring an iPhone, Apple’s impending entrance in Q2 had a negative impact on vendors such as Samsung. Discounting has been used to clear inventory in the channel,” said VP and Principal Analyst Chris Jones. “The Apple Watch has set the benchmark for other smart watches and will make up the majority of shipments this year.”

Canalys defines basic wearable bands as devices serving a specific set of purposes that act as accessories to smart devices, are designed to be worn on the body and not carried, and cannot run third-party computing applications. Smart watches are multi-purpose devices that serve as accessories to smart devices, are bands designed to be worn on the body and not carried, run an operating system, and are capable of running third-party computing applications. Bands are wearables designed to be wrapped around the body and do not include activity trackers in the form of clips.

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