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Date: 19-05-15

Panasonic expanding domestic solar PV production capacity

Anticipating the demand for solar PV world over and also in Japan, Panasonic is increasing the production capacity of solar cells and modules for its solar panels HIT at its two domestic factories in Japan. Panasonic said it will invest 9.5 billion yen to expand production lines at the Shimane Factory for production of solar PV cells, and at the Shiga Factory, which produces solar PV modules.

The expansion of the capacity will result in the production capacity of 150 megawatts per year, which enables Panasonic's total solar module production capacity of HIT to more than 1 giga watt by March 2016, including that of manufacturing facilities in Kedah, Malaysia, and Nishikinohama, Osaka, in addition to the two domestic factories, shares Panasonic.

Market researcher IHS has forecasted the total global solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity to reach 498 gigawatts (GW) in 2019, a 177 percent higher than 2014. Along with this global forecast, the Japanese market is also growing faster due to the introduction of feed-in tariffs.

Rooftop solar market in Japan is expected to see a higher demand both in the residential and also commercial buildings rooftop installations. Although not blessed with huge amounts of land, Japan targets 100 gigawatts of solar power by 2030, which is expected to meet 11% of demand. Panasonic also serves the global solar PV market.

Panasonic's Smart Home Energy Management Systems integrates Panasonic's solar generation system with its EcoCute heat-pump hot water supply systems, power storage batteries, energy-saving appliances and other products.

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