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Date: 09-05-15

Atmel collaborates with China-based IoT OS start-up

Atmel is collaborating with a China-based IOT start-up called MXCHIP, which has developed an operating system called MiCO for smart devices. MXCHIP offers embedded wireless modules, IoT Operating System MiCO, mobile application development, cloud algorithm support as access to the third party public clouds and protocols etc.

Atmel's SAM G series of MCUs and WILC1000 Wi-Fi chips to support MXCHIP's MiCO IoT OS for next-generation IoT applications. 3.2mm x 3.2mm WLCSP packaged Atmel's WILC1000 is an IEEE 802.11b/g/n IoT link controller designed for connected home devices. Atmel's SAM G MCU is also designed for low-power IoT applications with a package size of 2.84mm x 2.84mm. To enhance the security, Atmel also provides optional Atmel ATECC508A, a crypto device to integrate ECDH key agreement.

"This collaboration combines synergies from both companies to IoT designers including Atmel's global presence with MXCHIP's local resources enabling IoT designers to smoothly implement cloud services for their smart, connected devices in China and around the world," said Wang Yong Hong, CEO, MXCHIP. "Our platform combines both ease-of-use and simplicity allowing IoT designers from all levels to access cloud services worldwide ranging from professional designers for smart, connected IoT devices to Makers, educators and hobbyists. We will also collaborate on a number of other fronts with Atmel including IoT research, promotions, and share our IoT knowledge on smart, secure and connected devices across multiple industries."

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