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Date: 22-04-15

A breakthrough in UV light photo benefits both outer and inner space

It is reported in the geektime that a joint project by semiconductor equipment supplier Applied Materials Israel and NASA able to develop the ultra violet light photo detector with quantum efficiency of hundred percent by adding a layer of boron atoms inside the detector.

The UV photo/image sensor/detector is used in space to detect/capture astronomical happenings in the space using telescopes. These ultraviolet photodetector based telescopes (like the Hubble telescope) can capture the images where the normal earth based telescopes failed to capture, and this technology breakthrough enables ultraviolet detectors to capture images more efficiently.

Another advantage of the same technology is in the microscopic analysis of semiconductor chips. They can be used to improve the efficiency of metrology systems that measure the production processes of semiconductors.

This research has also resulted in extending the durability of photodetectors to five years instead of few months on a semiconductor production line.

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