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Date: 17-04-15

UVM 1.2 progressing to get IEEE Standards stamp

Accellera Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) 1.2 standard is soon expected to become IEEE standard. UVM standard was developed to make VLSI IP code interoperable and also to reduce the cost of IP reuse. IEEE P1800.2 working group making UVM standard free of any non-standard APIs.

“UVM achieved industry-wide success by following the Accellera standard development approach,” said Tom Alsop, UVM Working Group co-chair. “Our team of end-user, services, and EDA Accellera members completed several cycles of standard development and reference implementations to create a proven standard. We are excited by the creation of the IEEE P1800.2 working group and look forward to the improvements that will be made to UVM as a result of the rigorous IEEE process.”

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