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Date: 17-03-15

Applied Ventures to invest in UV LED maker RayVio

Applied Ventures, LLC, the venture capital arm of Applied Materials is funding solid-state ultraviolet LED maker RayVio. RayVio's patented technology helps in manufacturing UV LEDs in mass volumes at low cost for the industrial, digital health and consumer sectors for range of interesting applications. Being a precision electronic component/device manufacturing equipment supplier, Applied Materials is partnering with its own customer, so that the risks and benefits are shared.

The most interesting application of ultraviolet LED is in disinfection of air, surface, water, food and any such edible material. Ultraviolet rays are also used in the health/medical electronics to treat vitamin D efficiency to Multiple Sclerosis.

The cost-effective ultraviolet LEDs can enhance all the above market applications in making them eligible at a cost affordable by a low income group more specifically for water filtering.

"Applied Ventures' strategic investment in RayVio reflects our mission to identify and accelerate innovation around the globe, with an eye for emerging technologies where our leadership in precision materials engineering adds value to new growth markets," said Dr. Om Nalamasu, president of Applied Ventures and chief technology officer for Applied Materials. "We are pleased to expand our portfolio to further develop UV LEDs for promising new medical and industrial applications and beyond."

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