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Date: 06-03-15

eASIC records shipment of 20 million custom Ics

eASIC, a company known for a kind of ASIC chips different from the traditional ASICs are FPGAs, has announced the shipment of more than 20 million custom ICs. eASIC's chips are used in NAND based storage systems, wireless infrastructure equipment including digital front end applications for 3G and LTE, microwave backhaul solutions and wired communications equipment.

“This milestone demonstrates that the eASIC solution continues to be an attractive alternative to traditional ASICs or FPGAs. Increased adoption in both infrastructure equipment and end user applications indicate that our scalable eASIC IC solution can be customized and built quickly at a cost structure that enables both fast time to market and high volume production”, said Jasbinder Bhoot, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at eASIC. “eASIC’s latest generation platform, the eASIC Nextreme-3, was released to production six months ago and we believe this generation of platform delivers the increased serial bandwidth, higher performance logic, and lower power consumption that customers need to continue to develop differentiated products.”

“For new designs, equipment companies must consider several trade-offs before deciding which type of device (FPGA, ASIC or ASSP) to choose for their specific application”, said Michele Reitz, Principal Research Analyst for Semiconductors at Gartner. “The main downsides of FPGAs compared with other options are in high-volume, high-performance and low-cost applications. These are requirements better suited to the leading-edge ASICs and ASSPs available in the market.”

eASIC deliver custom ICs by using pre-defined and reusable base array and customizable single-mask layer.

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