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Date: 30-01-15

Akrion intensifies its focus on 3D TSV packaging

Akrion said it has intensified its focus on 3D TSV packaging. Akrion' process applications include advancements with thick PR stripping using megasonics and heated spray, concurrent TSV cleaning and PR stripping with megasonics assist and uniformity improvement as well as process time reduction for seed layer etching.

Akrion said "The processing advancements utilize our proven Velocity™ single wafer system. Velocity, available in four- and six-chamber configurations, uses stacked chambers to minimize footprint and allows independent front side and back side process control. Systems are available for various chemistry processes including dilute RCA solutions and solvents, for either single pass or reclaimed solutions."

Akrion is currently working with leading research institutions in advanced packaging: AStar-IME, Singapore, CEA-Leti, France and IMEC in Belgium.

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