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Date: 19-01-15

ST's Francois Guibert's take on 2015 semiconductor market: mobile and IoT

STMicroelectronics holds a strong market position in multiple categories and multiple applications in semiconductor devices and sensors. Francois Guibert, Executive VP and President, Greater China and South Asia Region, STMicroelectronics has shared his thoughts in an article on the semiconductor market in 2015.

Some of the key points from his analysis includes:

1. Smartphone is still a major growth driver in 2015.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) offers infinite possibilities; in fact, the “Things” in the Internet of Things can be just about ANY thing.

3. The rapid adoption of wearables is driving growth for ultra-low power microcontrollers, tiny sensor modules, highly efficient power management chips, and low-power wireless connectivity.

4. Microcontrollers are seeing good growth, from these new applications. (STM32 family from ST is industry’s largest portfolios of 32-bit microcontrollers).

5. The rise of massive Asian middle class demographic is running head-on into the always-on-and-connected lifestyle and culture. Demand from this tech-savvy group will be the engine that drives innovation and growth for at least a generation to come. Thus, the IoT will thrive in Asia, thanks to this demographic group.

Read pdf file for the full article by Francoise Guibert.
Link: http://www.eeherald.com/section/chip-market-2015.pdf

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