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Date: 16-12-14

Zhaga develops new specs for COB LED arrays

The Zhaga Consortium said it is now working on a new Book that will include Chip-on-Board (COB) LED arrays.

Luminaire makers are complaining about different sizes COB LED chip arrays, keeping that in mind Zhaga is standardising the mechanical dimensions of the modules. The position of electrodes, and the diameter of the light emitting surface.

These standards are developed to allow luminaire makers to use alternate products from different suppliers without changing holder design.

Zhaga said its standardization removes arbitrary variations in a small number of parameters, in order to enable interchangeability of LED light sources. For customers, this simplifies the comparison and selection of products. For COB-array makers, this will allow a focus on areas where they can offer value-added differentiation to customers, such as thermal properties, quality of light or luminous efficacy.

For more details visit www.zhagastandard.org

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