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Date: 01-11-14

Apple iPad Air 2 teardown: The semiconductor chips inside new tablet

First of all, its not easy to disassemble Apple iPad Air, there is lot of glue used. But teardown experts go all out to show the Apple iPad Air 2's components. Ifixit and IHS both have released Apple iPad Air 2 teardown analysis.

The main SoC processor in Apple iPad Air 2: ARM processor core based A8X designed by Apple, this makes Apple a fabless chip designer with revenue easily crossing US$ 2 Billion a year, making it one of the top 5 fables semiconductor companies. One change is A8X made by TSMC at 20nm nodes.
The total BOM including all other components as per IHS: $270
Below are some of the other semiconductor ICs in iPad Air 2:
F8164A3MD 2GB DRAM from Elpida: This is higher compared to other models.
NFC module 65V10 from NXP Semiconductors
Touch ID sensor 8416A1 from NXP Semiconductors
LCD Driver DP675 from Parade
TPS65143A from TI for LCD biasing
Audio codec IC 338S1213 from Cirrus
ARM Cortex M3 based motion processor LPC18B1UK from NXP
Wi-Fi Module 339S02541 from Murata
MAX98721BEWV amplifier IC from Maxim

Mutiple ICs from NXP, one of the reason for why its stock prices grown in year 2014, except for a short dip due to Microchip's not so accurate prediction on overall semiconductor market (Read our story on this subject at http://www.eeherald.com/section/news/onws20141026001b.html). NXP Semiconductors has reported a revenue of $1,515 million in third quarter of 2014, a 12 percent sequential improvement, and a 21 percent increase year-on-year.

To know more on the tear down analysis of iPad Air 2 visit:

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