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Date: 20-09-14

Taiwan and China solar pv vendors goes for offshore production

TrendForce has reported with the concern of anti-dumping duties, solar PV manufacturers in China on Taiwan are planning to invest in manufacturing facilities outside their regions.

Solar manufacturer CSUN has set up factories in Turkey while ReneSola, also a Chinese solar firm, is using OEM models in Japan, Korea, India and Poland to sidestep trade barriers and unfavorable taxation rates, as per TrendForce.
JinkoSolar to build its 100-120MW modules in South Africa. Yingli Solar and Suntech Power may also increase production capacity overseas, adds TrendForce.

In a similar move by Taiwanese Solar vendors, TrendForce says Tainergy Tech has established cell and module production lines in Vietnam. Solartech Energy has built a solar cell production line in Malaysia. Other vendors plan for upstream manufacturers to build module production lines in Thailand. Cell manufacturers also have plans to develop solar cell or module capacity in the Americas in the 100 - 200MW range.

The reason for moving to offshore production is not only due to trade disputes and taxation issues but also due to rising labour costs China on Taiwan.

TrendForce reported the below latest prices of solar components:
Polysilicon remain stable at US $ 20.34 / kg. Efficient polysilicon wafer prices fluctuated 0.1% to reach US $ 0.935 / piece. Standard silicon wafers remained unchanged from last week at US $ 0.898 / piece. Monocrystalline silicon wafers also remained steady at US $ 1.17 / piece. Due to lagging production capacity, Taiwan-produced cells averaged US $ 0.335 / watt. China-produced cells increased 0.64% to US0.314 /watt. Module prices rose 0.53 percent to US $ 0.572 / watt.

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