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Date: 20-09-14

Toshiba Shrinks its PC biz B2C offer and focuses on B2B

After Sony disinvesting in PC business, another Japanese PC maker Toshiba also re-strategise its focus on PC business. Toshiba to restructure its personal computer business where it is going to focus more on B2B field and withdrawal from certain B2C markets.

Toshiba said it well expand its product range from workstations to tablet PCs. Toshiba is also focusing on promoting IoT (Internet of Things).

Toshiba said by utilising its strengths in PC area such as BIOS, security, wireless and high density mounting, company going to offer IoT products and services for social infrastructure, cloud, healthcare and home appliances. Toshiba said it will accelerate building a business model that is not dependent on sales of PC hardware alone but that incorporates development of core technologies to deliver enhanced services and solutions.

Toshiba estimates its measures in B2B help increase sales of B2B products by 50% of all sales in FY2016.

In B2C market Toshiba to withdraw from unprofitable markets, and optimize sales bases in low profit countries and regions. Toshiba plans to reduce the number of sales bases around the world from 32 to 13 in FY2014.

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