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Date: 30-08-14

3-D TSV semiconductor memory under production by Samsung

Samsung said it has started the production of DRAM memory modules made using DDR4 DRAM ICs fabricated using three-dimensional through silicon via (TSV) semiconductor technology.

The new RDIMMs modules find more application in enterprise servers and cloud-based systems.

The new RDIMMs include 36 DDR4 DRAM chips, each of which consists of four 4-gigabit (Gb) DDR4 DRAM dies. Samsung has produced these DRAM dies using 20nm node and 3-D TSV wafer fabrication. 3D TSV vertically interconnects stacked silicon dies.

Samsung explains "To build a 3D TSV DRAM package, the DDR4 dies are ground down as thin as a few dozen micrometers, then pierced to contain hundreds of fine holes. They are vertically connected through electrodes that are passed through the holes. As a result, the new 64GB TSV module performs twice as fast as a 64GB module that uses wire bonding packaging, while consuming approximately half the power."

Samsung says in future it can acquire the capability to stack more than four DDR4 dies using 3-D TSV technology.

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