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Date: 03-07-14

5G speed on 4G air interface standards

Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE has suggested 5G-like user experience on 4G terminals without changing the air interface standards.

ZTE says in 5G, CSI-RS (channel state information reference signal) should be modified to support hundreds of antenna ports, and the terminals should also be modified for the feedback of hundreds of PMIs (Pre-coding Matrix Indicator).

In case of TDD (time division duplex) mode, the symmetry of uplink and downlink channels can be used for channel estimation. Although without feedback channels, the accuracy of channel estimation even exceeds the feedback result, claims ZTE.

Another example given by ZTE is inter-site interference cancellation in UDNs (user densification network), where the interference can be decreased effectively through ZTE's sophisticated 4G Cloud Radio architecture, i.e dynamic local mesh networks, and the R12 on/off technologies.

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