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Date: 27-06-14

Counterfeit semiconductors can be identified using Corelis' JTAG Interrogator

Corelis has introduced the JTAG Interrogator for validating authentic semiconductors by using IEEE-1149.1 standard on-chip electronic identification techniques to aid in the detection and reporting of counterfeit semiconductors.

Counterfeit semiconductor Ics cause big problems to the designer, company and end user.

Ryan Jones, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Corelis claims, “The general semiconductor industry is in agreement that the best way to combat counterfeit components is to purchase from OCMs or their authorized distributors. While we stand by this recommendation, circumstances often require procurement from other component sources, opening the supply chain up to the risks of inauthentic parts. The JTAG Interrogator application makes it easy to electronically read and verify identifying information from compatible JTAG components, including the new Electronic Chip ID (ECID) standardized under IEEE-1149.1-2013.”

The JTAG Interrogator software includes a USB 2.0 JTAG hardware adapter to get started with semiconductor validation. List price for the JTAG Interrogator package is $550. To learn more about Corelis products, visit their website at www.corelis.com.

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