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Date: 28-06-14

KYOCERA to produce 1.4GW solar modules and has given the world 5GW

Kyocera said it has crossed the 5 gigawatt (GW) milestone solar module production. 5 GW of power is equivalent to 3.5-kilowatt PV systems for more than 1.4 million homes. Kyocera has increased its annual solar production capacity to 1.4GW for its current fiscal year, up by 0.2 GW comparede to its previous fiscal year.

Kyocera installs its solar PV modules all over the world but the recent increasing adoption solar power in Japan's domestic use is driving Kyocera's growth. From making solar PV cells to installing power plants, Kyocera is into full chain of solar electricity generation.

A 70 megawatt (MW) solar field in Kagoshima Bay, is one of Japan’s largest solar power plants installed by Kyocera. Kyocera said it has reached a basic agreement with other five companies to investigate the possibility of operating a 430MW solar power project on the island of Ukujima, which would be the largest in the world to be implemented on agricultural land.

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