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Date: 25-05-14

eSilicon added GDSII portal

eSilicon has added GDSII portal which allows the users to fully specify the manufacturing process requirements for submission of a GDSII design to TSMC for manufacturing.

"TSMC's Value Chain Aggregators such as eSilicon provide options for customers to work with TSMC, and this automated GDSII portal brings more choices to customers in a highly efficient manner," said Brad Paulsen, Senior Vice President, TSMC North America.

"Specifying all the information required to generate a complete quotation for volume manufacturing of a new SoC design can take weeks of effort," said Mike Gianfagna, vice president of marketing at eSilicon. "Our new GDSII portal provides one place where all of this information is readily available. The time required to produce a quote is now a few minutes vs. a few weeks. We're delighted to be offering this new capability in cooperation with TSMC."

The GDSII portal is going to be available for general customer use in late June 2014.

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