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Date: 29-05-14

Fujitsu to showcase its durable new resistive touch panels at Display Week 2014

Fujitsu Components of America to display its latest analog resistive touch panels, including a 9H surface panel, for Point of Sale, hospitality, industrial and medical applications at the Display Week Convention in San Diego, California, June 1-6 in booth #827.

Fujitsu to show a live demonstration of industrial tablet PC designed using Fujitsu’s Feather Touch, two-finger function PERFS (Pinch, Expand, Rotate, Flick and Swipe) touch panel. Fujitsu says its 4-wire resistive panel more durable scratch and wear resistant 9H is 40 times more scratch resistant to stylus use than panels with a polycarbonate layer, which is also going to be part of demo at the event.

“Companies that depend on handheld industrial devices for signature capture are finding that damage to the device’s touch screen from repeated stylus use is a costly issue,” said Bruce DeVisser, Fujitsu Component’s product marketing manager for input technology. “In most cases, the touch screen’s functional life exceeds its cosmetic life. Using our 9H top surface will significantly preserve the touch panel’s appearance and extend its usability.”

DeVisser notes that the 9H-rated touch panels are also suitable for mobile and personal medical monitoring devices that are prone to scratches from repeated stylus use or being carried in pockets or purses.

Other panels on exhibit include custom 5-wire Feather Touch panels (up to 17-inches) for Point-of-Sale applications in restaurant and hospitality environments. These panels require just 0.02-0.3N force input for gesturing functionality typical of more costly projected capacitive touch panels, as per Fujitsu.

Fujitsu is also introducing 24 inch large size touch panels . Production is scheduled to begin in early July 2014.

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