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Date: 27-05-14

Dolphin Integration enable Dongbu HiTek’s users to benefit from their uHD standard cell lib

Dolphin Integration and Dongbu HiTek technical partnership enables their users to benefit of their ultra high density standard cell library called SESAME at 130 nm CIS.

Relying on 30 years of experience, the standard cell library SESAME subsumes the know-how of Dolphin Integration and offers ultra high density (uHD):

- The patented “spinner cell” enables Dongbu HiTek’s users to gain up to 20% in density

- Cells on 6 tracks contribute to area minimization

- Scripts for a straight-forward and smooth implementation with any conventional P&R EDA solution

The SESAME uHD-BTF standard cell library can be combined with other Dolphin Integration IPs (memory, regulator, power management kit etc.) to reach the highest density in the entire SoC

“Thanks to the simplicity of the SESAME uHD-BTF scripts and Dolphin Integration’s low-power expertise, Dongbu HiTek can offer to their users a unique combination of competitive advantages at 130 nm CIS.” explained Jae Song, EVP of Dongbu HiTek’s marketing.

Source: Dongbu HiTek

“We are eager to take part in the Dongbu HiTek ecosystem and to provide their users with our ultra high density standard cell library.”, commented Nelly ALBERTINI, Library marketing manager at Dolphin Integration.

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