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Date: 22-05-14

80% of Mobile PC and modem conn in emerging markets, as per a study

Strategy Analytics says emerging markets to account for more than 80 percent of connections in the mobile broadband PC and modem connectivity market by 2018. China and India to account for one third of connections by 2018, as per Strategy Analytics.

Key Strategy Analytics predictions for the mobile broadband PC and modem market:
260 million mobile broadband data plans linked to PC/modems worldwide by the end of 2014, increasing to 418 million in 2018.
Service revenue will grow from US$52 billion in 2014 to US$64 billion in 2018.
Data traffic will increase from 7.6 billion Terabytes in 2014 to 16 billion in 2018.
4G LTE will be a key driver of value across all regions, accounting for 74% of 2018 global service revenues and 71% of data traffic.
Global Mobile Broadband PC/Modem Service Revenues

Phil Kendall, Executive Director, Wireless Operator Strategies, commented: "Smartphone and tablets have hit demand for modem connectivity in many developed markets over the last 18 months, either as users migrate basic mobile computing use to these devices, or as the smartphone becomes the modem via tethering. However, we still see upside potential. Alongside a bullish outlook for emerging markets, some developed markets will return to growth as niche fixed broadband alternative opportunities emerge and pricing flexibility increases."

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director, Wireless Operator Strategies said: "4G LTE will be a catalyst for growth, fulfilling connectivity needs with larger, lower cost-per-GByte data plans. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot routers will be an important product for 4G, tapping into the rapidly expanding installed base of Wi-Fi enabled portable devices in many households."

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