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Date: 25-05-14

WiFi and Bluetooth biz to benefit from wearable market growth

The wearable device market is highly dependent on wireless technology mainly Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to communicate with wireless n/ws, cloud or nearby smart phone/tablet. Due to the significant growth expected in the wearable device market, the semiconductor device makers who are into Wi-Fi and Bluetooth domain are going to benefit a lot from this trend.

Strategy Analytics has reported in 2015 Smartglass shipments will see WiFi penetration of 79 percent. Devices from major brands such as Google and Samsung will be key to driving wearables growth for the next five years, as per Strategy Analytics.

Matt Wilkins, Director at Strategy Analytics, said, "For the Smartglasses user, WiFi is a key enabler, allowing the user to upload HD video (recorded on the device) to video sharing services. As a result we forecast global WiFi-enabled smartglasses penetration of 79 percent in 2015, at 4 million units up from 1.2 million in 2014. While Google is a driving force in Smartglasses today, we have to think Samsung and Apple are also eyeing the segment and will be potential long-term rivals."

Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, added, "Wireless technology is enabling owners of wearable devices, such as Smartglasses, to both share created content as well as consume content."

Linda Sui, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, added, "After smartphones and tablets, wearables are the next big thing for the mobile industry. Even still, there are barriers to overcome, such as compact displays optimized for mobile data and a limited pool of developers creating wearable apps. However we continue to see the United States and China as key markets for wearable devices."

Exhibit 1: Global Wireless Wearable Device Sales [1]

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