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Date: 26-04-14

Webcast on fixing Heartbleed for software developers

Static code analysis tool developer Coverity is providing solutions for software developers to fix security loopholes for openSSL Heartbleed bug in their code. Coverity is conducting a webcast on 1 May 2014 8:30 AM PDT on this subject. The subject is titled as "Best practices in open source quality".

Coverity said it will is discussed in the webcast on "why specifically looking for the open SSL n2s macro is an ineffective approach for protecting against defects like Heartbleed, and how the new Coverity platform hotfix will automatically detect this type of defect without introducing significant false positive (FP) noise or analysis delays"

Heartbleed is termed as catastrophic bug by leading security experts, which is expected to have caused a security damage to much of the online account based services businesses.

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