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Date: 12-04-14

Declining PC market, reasons many

Market researcher Gartner has estimated PC market is down by 1.7% in first quarter of 2014, to a total shipment of 76.6 million.
There are multiple reasons on why less and less people are buying PC.

The most important is availability of cheaper tablets and smart phones. Tablets and smart phones are kind of mini and micro PCs which enables users to do a lot of PC computing and Internet related activities such as email, social networking and web surfing.
The Cloud storage is also helping to those who need bigger storage.
PCs even including notebooks are less mobile compared to tablets and smart phones.
Free Android software in tablets and smart phones save money compared to PCs which need to be bought along with paid OS.
Except for software development, graphic design, and any such large screen and computation intensive applications, the PC is no better than tablet computer.

It's very clear PC is on the downhill and tablet is on the uphill of growth curve. The leading PC vendors such as Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer are now attempting to take the bigger share in tablet and phablet and smart phone market.

The only little hope the PC vendors keeping now is on the expiration of support for Windows XP software, where there are millions of PCs which work on Windows XP and on the old weaker hardware which need to be replaced.

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