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Date: 12-04-14

High efficiency solar PV in more demand, as per EnergyTrend

EnergyTrend has reported the solar PV polysilicon contract prices continued to decline in April 2014. In fact, contract prices dropped to US$ 21-22/kg after hitting US$23/kg in March.

“Due to growing mono-si wafer demands , manufacturers have started to focus on high-quality polysilicon in April, which led to decreased demands for normal-grade polysilicon that was previously in high demands,” said Arthur Hsu, research manager of EnergyTrend. “Meanwhile, auxiliary material demand has declined leading to improved supply and demands situation since manufacturers now focus on high-efficiency products and mono-si products. Based on current prices, the price difference between auxiliary material and normal products is about 15%.”

In addition, polysilicon contract price declined for two consecutive months, which also affected spot price trend. “Certain price quotes have dipped around 0.5%-1%. Looking into the price trend in Q2, polysilicon spot price will be further lowered and contract price will continue to decline slightly. Furthermore, policy changes and increased market uncertainties might cause wafer, cell, and module prices to decline as well,” added Hsu.

This Week’s Price Quotes by EnergyTrend:

Polysilicon price slightly declined 0.3% to US$20.392/kg. Due to Chinese manufacturers lowered price quotes, multi-si wafer price dropped 0.49% to US$1.021/piece, but mono-si wafer prices remained flat. Chinese manufacturers’ cell quotation declined this week by 2.55% to US$0.382/watt. Module prices also dipped 0.64% to US$0.619/watt.

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