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Date: 11-03-14

Connected-Labs to assist Mstar on web stds

MStar semiconductor and Connected-Labs are going for a long term partnership, where Connected-Labs, an independent MStar spin-off, to assist MStar R&D team in following-up the Web standards and support them in building new solutions. The main assets concerned by this partnership are HbbTV, HTML5, OIPF, W3C standards and Web browsers such as Webkit and Blink.

“Over the past 4 years, we’ve built a nice and efficient co-working model with the Connected-Labs team", said Bill Hsiung, Head of Corporate SW Marketing Dept., MStar. “Both companies want to pursue this collaboration. We'll maintain our worldwide leadership on technologies such as HbbTV and Web standards"

“We’re glad to share our experience and expertise with the MStar team. It’s a privilege for us to maintain this good relationship and keep close to MStar as a software partner.”, said Joel Reboul, CEO of Connected-Labs. “Our goal is to support MStar and its customers, helping them embrace the new features and standards that are coming."

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