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Date: 21-01-14

India based Moser Baer sells 100 Cr worth solar PV modules in Japan

Moser Baer Solar said its subsidiary in Japan has sold Rs 100 Crore worth of solar PV modules in Japan. This is interesting development where Indian company could compete with Japanese companies in winning a solar PV order in Japan. Due to the bad experience Japan had with its nuclear power plant during the Tsunami hit in 2011, Japan is heavily focusing on the renewable energy, mainly Solar PV.

Vivek Chaturvedi, Chief Marketing Officer, Moser Baer Solar said "A strong quality focus, and our understanding of Japan market sensitivities in general and Japan solar PV business in specific has resulted in this significant growth in shipments."

Moser Baer said its earliest installation in Japan using Moser Baer Solar PV Modules is now almost three years old, performing at consistently better levels than estimated by the owners. Moser Baer claims Solar Elite PV Modules are already popular with Japan's biggest Solar EPC companies and Developers.

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