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Date: 17-01-14

3D-Micromac AG acquires laser division of Jenoptik

Jenoptik has announced that its Lasers & Material Processing division has sold its patents, know-how and development results in the field of thermal laser separation (TLS-Dicing) to the company 3D-Micromac AG for an undisclosed purchase. Jenoptik’s Lasers & Material Processing division focus in future on the 3D processing of plastics and metals, e.g. in the automotive industry.

TLS-Dicing is used to cut semiconductor wafers where the laser heats up the cutting line and is cooled down quickly by means of a cooling water jet, which results in separation of the wafers by those lines.

TLS-Dicing ensures clean edges without microcracks and, consequentially, by higher bending strength. Process speeds of 200 up to 300 mm/s are possible.

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