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Date: 14-01-14

TowerJazz making resonant type wireless charging ICs for MAPS

TowerJazz is making wireless charging semiconductor ICs for Korea based fables chip maker MAPS Inc. The resonant wireless power transfer (WPT) receiver Chip(Rx) integrates high efficiency full active rectifier (FAR) technology. MAPS expects mass production to begin in Q2 2014. This resonant type wireless charging chip that MAPS has developed using TowerJazz’s BCD process is a first of its kind and offers wireless power charging at greater distances than ever before, claims TowerJazz.

MAPS is currently sampling the product to various smartphone and battery manufacturers and is working on system co-development. The current charging efficiency of the receiver IC (Rx) is over 80%.

Pike Research estimates that worldwide revenues from wireless power devices will exceed $15 billion by 2020, and that systems based on highly resonant wireless power transfer will account for more than 80% of the total market, as shared by TowerJazz.

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