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Date: 16-01-14

FinFET, FDSOI and Suvolta's DDC working at deeper nodes

When the MOSFET shrinks to the few atoms thickness at the technology nodes of below 14 nm, it takes great deal of innovation to switch-on and switch-off the transistor like a perfect switch. Though the major semiconductor companies have opted for finFET at deeper nodes to increase the effective area of control, there is also another alternate technology called fully depleted silicon on insulator (FDSOI). ST Microelectronics and some other European semiconductor research companies have developed FDSOI technology for use in their 28 nm and the deeper nodes.

There is another company called Suvolta, which has pioneered a technology called deeply depleted channel (DDC), closely similar to FDSOI. In the case of depleted technology the semiconductor fabs can still use planar process instead of expensive three-dimensional etching of transistors used in case of finFETs. Suvolta licenses its technology for leading fabs to make deeper node chips using bulk CMOS planar CMOS process.

Suvolta is working with Fujitsu semiconductor in implementing its technology. The recent good news is it received a funding of $10.6 million from Fujitsu Semiconductor.
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