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Date: 15-01-14

Google, Apple and Microsoft: Strong competitors in connected-world ver 2.0

Business experts across the world were criticizing Google for its entry into the fields other than search engine. If Google had not developed its own Android Operating System, by now Google should have been swallowed by bigger sharks in the ocean of tech industry. Being a media platform of the world, Google has best access to market research data and information. And also being a smart tech company it has leveraged the available market intelligence to its growth.

By realizing the importance of hardware IP, Google has acquired Motorola. And by having known the demand in future for robot it has acquired Boston Dynamics. Now in this week to gain IP related IoT and smart home, Google has acquired Nest Labs for $3.2 billion.The only missing block in Google is a semiconductor design company.

There is another great company Apple which rightly knows what customer needs without even having access to vast market data, what Google is blessed with. Apple has all the software, hardware and the VLSI design capabilities but without a search engine as powerful as Google. Another market leader Microsoft is very much equally equipped with acquisition of Nokia. Its going to be very interesting to see how this trio Google, Apple and Microsoft compete with each other in the connected world version 2.0, where the connection is going to be anywhere and to everything.

One thing is clear now is these three players are building long walls around them for new startups to beat them. But in the fast changing technology world, the long walls are no more going to be that longer, because technology is working their too. Also, these three together are also blessed with power to take away the privacy of many connected individuals around the world, which is both good and bad.

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