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Date: 26-11-13

Methods developed to increase semiconductor equipment utilization

SEMI Wait Time Waste Metrics and Methods Task Force developed a method that defines time elements to classify the state of each semiconductor wafer and wafer batch throughout the manufacturing process. The method is in procedural review for publication as a SEMI standard.

“The ability to parse cycle time into measurable pieces, or time elements, allows manufacturers to determine how long a particular event takes, and then focus in on opportunities to reduce cycle time,” said Jackie Ferrell, Equipment and Factory Productivity project manager at SEMATECH. “This project along with SEMI’s standards initiative collaboratively addresses the industry’s waste and reduction needs and is one of SEMATECH’s many projects that support the need for efficient and automated ways of converting the volumes of data in our fabs to actionable information.”

SEMATECH, which has led the task force stated "In the semiconductor manufacturing process, there is a significant opportunity to increase equipment utilization and improve overall factory performance. By reducing unnecessary wait-time out of the manufacturing process, fabs will be able to add valuable hours of production time per day – a significant cost savings of potentially $100M for each day of cycle time."

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